Sunday, October 23, 2011

* no title * :P

:: ermmmm...ermmmm...
  staying up till midnite..what say u??? hehehe... and here, i stay wake up by my own..lonely.. my rummates are in a deep sleep ody..hohohoho.. Spending the whole day with my Love was sooo great..we eat, we talk, we walk, we on9..we just do everything..yahhh! everything!! Thanks for the lovely day syg..i had a sweetest moment spent with u..muahh! For the sweetest memories that we had share all this while, i really dun want it to end.. I always want to be by your side till my very last breath..i know u felt the same way too.. Be strong in what that will comes to our way..we will fight any obstacles together. Ignore those annoying people that annoyed us. Let they do what they want as long as we didn't disturb them. As long as u are happy with me and i'm happy with u, nothing else matters.. :)) 

p/s :: I just CAN'T stop loving one and only SunShine that always there to shine my world.. :)

:: EXAMsss...
   oh no!! exams are around the corner..and i'm not even do any revision yet..hahahaha.. after updating my blog then i'll study.. HOPE SO yaaa.. :P what can i say that, hope GOD will guide me and let me going through with my exams without any difficulties as always..i hope to be a good daughter to my parents and a good woman for my man.. Hoping for an excellence result of course.. :) All the best to my course mates..Chiayokk!! \(^.^)/

That's all for now...GTG..Study mode activated ody.. hehehe   

p/s :: Happy Study miss Cindoot.. :P and have a sweet dreams syg..dream of us yah..Love u so much!! mmuahh!! Huggiess!! :*

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